Kick off for the 2024 Eisvogel competition

For the third time, the Eisvogel – Prize for Sustainable Film Production competition for innovative green film production is launched by the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMUV), the Heinz Sielmann Foundation and the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Culture and Media (BKM). A prize money 25,000 euros will be given out. The Eisvogel competition is part of a package of measures by the German government that aims to make audio-visual content production more sustainable.


The productions that are eligible for the Eisvogel competition include feature films, documentaries, series and animated movies of any kind of genre, which can be produced for any kind of distribution channel such as theatrical release, TV, video or streaming. It is required that the productions are completed between September 2022 and November 2023.


The Eisvogel adapted the ecological production standards that provide the basis for the German film funding regulations on a national and regional level as well as for the German Green Motion label. The Eisvogel awards productions with creative and forward-thinking innovations that are going beyond these requirements.


In regards to the transformation process of he whole society, the film and television industry is challenged to reduce its ecological footprint and drive sustainable development by communicating future-proof guiding principles. Productions can qualify for the Eisvogel prize by submitting a clear commitment to reduce the environmental impact in the film production sector and have implemented measures that are more ambitious than the ecological standards. It is required to prove that the implemented innovations have reduced the environmental impact and can be transferred to other productions.


The competition regulations are available at the website. Submissions can be made until November 30, 2023. The submissions will be reviewed in a two-stage process. The award ceremony will take place on the opening day of the Berlin International Film Festival, February 15, 2024, at the Federal Ministry for the Environment in Berlin.


Photo: © Christoph Wehrer/ Federal Ministry for the Environment 

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