Green power on wheels

German rental house Mobilespace is offering the hybrid system solution EcoBaze that serves as a climate-friendly alternative power supply for the production base. The diesel truck with a euro 6 emission standard is equipped with a 160 kWh battery and a 100 kVA generator that acts as a backup system. At low battery levels, the generator automatically starts and recharges the battery within two hours. If a three-phase socket is available for a power supply on location or in a parking space, then it can be used as a parallel power supply.


Charging requires a power socket with 16 A, 32 A, 63 A or 125 A CEE plug. “The bigger the socket, the shorter the charging times”, explains Moritz Kromer, Managing Director of Mobilespace. “We’re offering to recharge the battery with renewables free of charge at our locations in Hamburg and Berlin.” The goal is to operate the generator for as little time as possible, because that reduces carbon and noise emissions.


When German director Christian Petzold shot the Berlinale competition film Afire with Paula Beer during the hot summer of 2022 in Brandenburg, the entire production base was powered by EcoBaze for three weeks. “The performance was sufficient to supply catering, makeup, wardrobe, and lounges for a smaller feature film”, emphasizes First Unit Manager Matthias Ruppelt, who wasn also responsible for scheduling the production. The tank needed to be refilled every few days – that was all. “This has to be considered in logistics”, stresses the unit manager. “The battery can be charged with 16 or 32 Ampere from the grid overnight to serve as the next day’s power supply.”


To receive the data on actual energy consumption on the film set, Mobilespace is equipping its generator fleet with a web-based remote-control unit. This will enable green consultants to retrieve all the generator’s energy consumption data via their personal log-in to discover and apply energy saving opportunities.


Photos: © Mobilespace

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