Do It Like Tamtam

Andrea Schütte and Dirk Decker, founders of the Hamburg-based film production company Tamtam Film, believe in sustainable filmmaking.

We think that filmmaking and eco-friendly practices are not mutually exclusive,’ the Tamtam duo say. They have delivered proof of this with their short film Gloomy Sabbath, the majority of which was filmed under sustainable conditions. ‘As a young production company, we would like to make this our credo.’

The producers insist that sustainability measures do not interfere with the creative process. ‘On the contrary. Cooperation with new partners creates new possibilities; conscious action gives rise to better decisions – and, after all, the focus is on effectiveness.’ They will put their experience and these insights to use on the Danish-German co-production Companion, the feature film debut by Samanou A. Sahlstrøm.

Photos: ©tamtamfilm