Michael Bully Herbig begins with Buddy

Michael Bully Herbig enlists Nicola Knoch as Sustainability Consultant for his film Buddy

What is your approach in sustainability counseling?
First, we work out a basic framework in order to develop a common understanding as what we want to achieve with the production and what our concept of sustainability is.

To what extent are you involved in the planning of the production?
I am present during the entire preproduction phase. We need this time to get the whole team involved in the process. Everyone should know the relevant issues for their department in order to make their own decisions during filming.

What are the challenges with Buddy?
Filming takes place in two separate locations – Hamburg and Munich. We have to take that into account during the planning phase. We are currently in negotiation with partners with whom we would like to work. There will also be a few shooting days with many extras. This requires finding a way to offer access to the location via public transportation.

Are sustainable productions more expensive?
As a ‚Sustainability Consultant‘, I am at first an additional time and cost factor for the production. We try to implement all subsequent measures without incurring extra costs.

Photo: ©nknoch