Food for Thought

Berlin-based Weilandfilm produces advertising films sustainably on location and throughout the entire production process. Producer Mark Weiland uses green energy and green IT.

‘During the production of our advertising films, we strive to be carbon neutral and work in an environmentally sound way’, explains Mark Weiland. Among the most important areas on the Green Checklist that he uses during commissioned productions are: transport, fuel and energy.

While the use of green energy and energy efficient lighting on set is one objective, another is to lower energy consumption in the production offices and in post-production. ‘There are many energy-intensive editing computers, servers, and storage systems’, Weiland acknowledges. Green IT can help to reduce power consumption. ‘We use large-scale RAID systems instead of multiple hard drives because it reduces the number of power supplies needed.’

Weiland film uses green energy exclusively in the office, on set, and during post-production. If there is no green energy available on location, Climate Partner finds a compensation project to offset the carbon balance. The climate consultancy initiates environmental projects in developing countries. ‘We would also like to support reforestation in Northern Germany with a compensation project,’ the producer says. ‘We actively promote positive change in the world.’