Carbon-neutral Cinema

The German cinema Kino im Waldhorn is a optimizing its carbon balance by investing in ecologically sustainable projects for already three and a half years. Since November 2009, the art house cinema in the Southern German village Rottenburg supports a reforestation project in Uganda to compensate its greenhouse gas emissions. The complete output of 69.72 tons CO2 per year is offset by the purchase of certificates with a total volume of 80 tons CO2 per year. The calculation does not only include all heat-trapping gas that results from the cine operation but also indirect parameters such as the journey of the cinemagoers or the consumption of beer and sweets. Thereby the cinema attendance in Rottenburg is complete carbon-neutral.

The Kikonda Forestation in the heart of East Africa is the first project world wide to be certified with the CarbonFix Standard and the Climate Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) Standard for its one-of-a-kind positive social and ecological impact.

Ecology is a subject that also matters in terms of programme selection at the Kino im Waldhorn. In addition to feature films such as Beast of the Southern Wild or Das grüne Wunder unser Wald the innovative art house theatre also presented a special on the second anniversary of the nuclear disaster in Fukushima with films such as Friedlich in die Katastrophe by Holger Strohm, Energiewende – Der Film von Frank Farenski as well as the Austrian documentary Climate Crimes by Ulrich Eichelmann.