Sustainable DVD packaging

More Than Honey

The fascinating feature documentary More Than Honey by Swiss director Markus Imhoof inspired many people to discuss the reasons for the mysterious widespread death of bees. His unusual film touches the spectator because he gets us very close to the bees; not only visually but also emotionally.

The theatrical exploitation of More Than Honey has been supported by various environmental groups and organizations which are are trying to dave the bees.

But also the release of the film on DVD and blu-ray pursues an environmentally sustainable approach:

  • The packaging of the DVD is 100 % recyclable.

  • The product is completely comprised of paper or cardboard which is FSC certified.

  • The used colors are herbal only without any solvent.

  • The used glue is starch-based and also without any solvent.

  • The sealing was done with water-born coating.

  • The ecol box has less weight that the traditionally used amaray box. The advantage is that the dvd shipping produces less CO2 emmissions

  • There are already less CO2 emmissions in the production process because the box is manufactured by a machine in a energy-saving way.