Filmfest Hamburg becomes climate-neutral

The film festival Hamburg closed a cooperation with the nserve Environmental Services GmbH with the long-term goal to aim for a carbon-neutral festival. Besides, the festival will act as a multiplier so that also the visitors develop a consciousness for an efficient use of resources. „The films in our section ‚Three Colours Green‘ at the Filmfest Hamburg are also dealing with these issues“, says Albert Wiederspiel, director of Filmfest Hamburg.

The company nserve is using their certified blue ® standard to analyse the energy consumption of the Filmfest Hamburg and determines the CO2 footprint which is caused by the visitors and the organizers of the festival. Then a reduction strategy is developed how the energy consumption can be put in the long term climate-neutral at the Filmfest Hamburg.

The remaining CO2 footprint is compensated by investments in ecologically lasting climate protection projects. The Filmfest Hamburg invests in a forest protection project in Kenya which is designed to store CO2 and to open an alternative source of income for the population from the sustainable management. Besides, a local film festival is supported that helps the natives to understand that they have to protect their forst and fauna.