Green Shooting Card for Tatortreiniger

The German TV cult series Tatortreiniger has been awarded a Green Shooting Card by the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH). This green label is given to film productions which are implenting sustainable measures on set. “The crew tried to figure out the practices in order to to save resources in catering, costumes, lightening as well as in the production office”, reports Christiane Dopp from Film Commission Hamburg. “With the use of LEDs, natural cosmetics, thermos instead of plastic cups as well as waste separation they took several sustainable measures.”


Der Tatortreiniger is already the third TV series by Studio Hamburg FilmProduktion which is produced in a sustainable way. The Hamburg-based cult cop TV series Großstadtrevier that started with the shooting of its 29th season at the end of March follows the best practices already since the beginning of 2013. About a year later, the TV series Notruf Hafenkante also adapted green production measures. The Studio Hamburg FilmProduktion consequently continues in a green way.


Michael Lehmann Kopie“To be award the Green Shooting Card is a meritorious recognition for the sustainable activities of the whole crew of production manager Monika Praefke“, stresses Michael Lehmann, Studio Hamburg’s Head of Production. „We are delighted that the team comes up with many inspirations. If all crew members are willing to give it a try we can arouse the awareness for sustainable shooting.”

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