Gone with the waste

Dutch filmmakers, producers and location managers attended the workshop Sustainable Production in Practice in Amsterdam which was hosted by Els Rientjes who has been appointed as Sustainability Manager by the Netherlands Film Fund in January 2015. Detailed planning and the communication of the sustainability strategy in pre-production, strategic waste management as well as the introduction of an eco-supervisor on set were among the key issues at the workshop. “If we do not participate in the sustainability shift now, we will soon loose our relevancy", underlines Els Rientjes.



Organized by the Green Film Making Project at the Amsterdam-based event location Pllek, producers such as Marc Bary (IJswater Films), Trent (OAK Motion Pictures) & Remko Zuidema (founder of BRIQS) as well as location manager Tijn Heerkens (LocatieGoed) joined the workshop. Waste management is a big deal for the production managers. After a film wraps, they have to deal with the question how they leave a location and what can be done with the huge amounts of waste and material which is not needed anymore.

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