Cannes closes with Ice and the sky

The 68th Festival de Cannes will present the documentary Ice and the sky by French filmmaker Luc Jacquet as Closing Night Film on May 24. In his fourth film, the director of the Oscar-winning March of the Penguins focuses on the subject global warming. Ice and the sky discusses the scientific discoveries of Claude Lorius who left in 1957 to study the Antarctic ice. In 1965 he was the first to be concerned by global warming and its consequences for the planet. "I believe that men will still up”, says the scientist who is 82 years old meanwhile and looks with hope at the future: “Men will find the solidarity that will lead the people living on this planet to another type of behavior."

Ice and the sky has been written and directed by Luc Jacquet who dedicated all his work to environment and nature issues. Besides the Oscar-winning March of the Penguins (2005), he directed Le Renard et l’enfant (2007) and Il était une forêt (2013). Luc Jacquet also created the NGO Wild Touch in order to educate young people to respect and preserve the planet. Echoing and supporting the fighting of those who have been alerting for a long time, the Festival de Cannes shows some green engagement by programming Ice and the sky to close its 68th edition.



"Cannes is a huge opportunity for this film and for what it says," concludes Luc Jacquet. “Showing this film in the world’s largest film festival is contributing to this huge challenge facing humanity as quickly as possible to secure its future and the future of the planet.” That is quite a statement for the Cannes film festival: "Programming such a film is sending it to the future and to make an appointment for a successful Climate Change Conference to be held in Paris from November, 30th to December, 11th, 2015. "

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