Sustainable film production in Europe

The Cine-Regio Green Report 2015 which is provided by Cine-Regio, an European network of 43 regional funds, gives an overview about sustainable approaches, concepts and goals in Europe.  Besides the Flanders Audiovisual Film Fund in Belgium, Filmförderung Hamburg-Schleswig-Holstein in Germany or Ecoprod in France, in Italy und Sweden are also green measures in development which are aiming towards a more sustainable Film/ TV production. Among the Green Starters is the Film- und Mediengesellschaft Baden-Württemberg, which initiated an ambitious pilot project in order to encourage film and TV producers to go green.


In Italy, the Film Commission Torino Piemonte, the Sardegna Film Foundation and the Trentino Film Fund are cooperating with local partners to develop measures to increase the sustainability in Film/ TV production. The Trentino Film Fund will launch an incentive system for green production in 2016.


In Sweden, Film I Väst, Filmpool Nord and the Öresund Film Commission also want to go green. In collaboration with Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg they are developing a flow model. Their goal is to create a carbon calculator that can measure the environmental impact of a film production. The model will enable recommendadions to be made to individual members of the cast and crew.


How the professional training of Green Runners can look like shows the concept of Screen South. This organisation but also the Film Agency for Wales are guided by the British Standard BS 8908 which is a green benchmark for the whole film and media production in the United Kingdom.


Charlotte Applegren“If you are ready to share knowledge, learn from each other, and raise the awareness of sustainability, the audio-visual industry in Europe will surely move rapidly towards a more sustainable way of producing programming", sums up Charlotte Applegren, General-Secretary, Cine-Regio.


Download Cine-Regio Green Report 2015 as pdf file (4,4 MB):


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