Deauville: A green place for films

More than 300 films from 30 countries will be presented at the 4. Deauville Green Awards which will take placein the famous  beach resort in French Normandie from June 9. to 11. Among the contributions which will be presentedat the green festival are documentaries, institutionals films as wel as awareness campaigns.


Contentwise, the contributions are shown in 15 diffenrent categories such as climate change, renewable energies, enviuronment, agriculture and green economics and sustainable nature. Besids France and Germany also Austria takes part with several production in the green competition.


„With the approach of the international conference Climate Paris 2015 – COP 21, green themes are of central importance this year", says Ursula Plassnik, Ambassador of Austria in France. The use of climate-friendly measure is also an issue in various workshops and seminars. For the first time, the Deauville Green Awards also offer screenings, educational courses and shows for school groups that explain for example how climate change affects the ocean.


The green festival will be rounded up with the Green Awards ceremony on June, 11. Juni. A Special Prize for the most eco-friendly production will be awarded by the French organization Ecoprod that will take into account different criterias  such us the innovative use of materials, limiting waste, eco-logistics but also the use of energy as well as the recycling efforts of the  productions.

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