Deauville: Green action rocks!

The fourth edition of the Deauville Green Awards  attracted about 200 industry representatives who came to the classy spa in French Normandy. „We are running this festival“, states festival co-director George Pessis who founded the Deauville Green Awards in collaboration with Francois Morgant and Jean-Charles Pentecouteau, „because we want to show which ecological actions and sustainable developments are taken by businesses, organizations, local communities and governments.“


Festival directors Deauvile Green AwardsThe Deauville Green Awards to which a record number of about  300 documentaries corporate films and public awareness spots from 30 countries was submitted, presented contributions on sustainable developments in various social sectors in 15 different categories. This included subjects such as climate change, energy, transport, agriculture as well as tourism and travelling or environment-friendly consumption. Last but not least foodwasting was also an issue. The partner country Austria presented the the last part of the  docu series Wastecooking.


The Grand Prix for the best awareness film went to the German spot Power Saving Rocks! by Andreas Grassl that suggests consumers to use energy in a more efficient way.




Two Trophies were awarded to the German corporate film Edelhof1514 – IMG_1450_1Hausgemachte Köstlichkeiten in which Christoph and Heike Siegert provide an insight into sustainable fruit cultivation and production. Besides a Gold Totem in the category Agriculture and Green Economics the Hamburg-based filmt received the Ecoprod Special Prize for the sustainable production of their film. When shooting Edelhof1514 – Hausgemachte Köstlichkeiten, the team was guided by Best Practices. The  shooting of the film took place at one location where they used all existing props and shot only with avaiable light. The catering came from the region and a part of it even from own production. The green prize was awarded by Ecoprod founder Catherine Puiseux, coordinator of French television TF1.





In order to inspire consumes to a more environment-friendly behaviour, Cyril Point and Francesco Zingales developed the App GreenApes  that rewards green actions with discounts in stores that offerGreenApes sustainable-produced products. On this green platform the users can discussand exhange information about any sustainable subject. At any action step, the emphasis is to motivate others to act green. Right now, the green app is only available for iPhones but shortly it will also follow for smartphones thar operate with Android. „We are also planning to present Green Apes in further languages“, reports Point.



Social media might also have a stronger impact at the Deauville Green Awards in the future. In addition to the jury, the festival directors consider that also the Facebook community can vote for its favoured film. „We will  ask filmmakers and producers to publish their film descriptions on Facebook so that as many people as possible can vote for their films", expains Georges Pessis this viral campaign. "We will launch public prizes in order to generate bigger audiences for our festival films.“


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