A change of the economic model

“It’s time for a change now”, emphasized Italian actress Claudia Gerini at the Venice Green Day that was organized Film4Climate and Green Cross Italy during the 72nd International Venice Film Festival. The centerpiece of the industry event was a conversation with Mexican director and Venice Jury President Alfonso Cuarón and his brother, the biologist Alfredo Cuarón. “Right now, we don’t have time to go into little steps of different initiatives”, said Alfonso Cuarón in view of the upcoming COP21 in Paris. “It’s time for a bigger movement.”


The brothers pointed out that there is a need for a new economic system that treats people all over the world in a fair way. “But change is built step by step”, underlined Alfredo Cuarón. “Cinema can have a positive effect. The power of images is amazing.” He suggested to create some general standards for filmmakers worldwide in order to minimize the environmental impact of filmmaking and to maximize the great benefits that result out of filmmaking. “Science and arts can work together and bring action to change the world now”, added Alfonso Cuarón. “We cannot wait. We need a change. The future in now because what we do now will affect the next generations.”



Olivier (1)

The French national policy is very in favor of sustainable development but it is much more difficult to have decisions taken on the practical level, Olivier-RenéVeillon, Director of French consortium Ecoprod, pointed out. “We have the CNC, France Télévision and TF1 but we have still to convince the French producers, especially in cinema.” In this sector a lot of organizations are dedicated to the economic interests but they are not very much involved in sustainable developments. The goal of Ecoprod is to provide the production companies with practical tools so that they can become carbon neutral.


“The first step was to build a carbon calculator which is part of the economic production because we have to face something like the industrial revolution to change everything in the model”, said Olivier-RenéVeillon. “I think it will come from a change of the model in itself.” To change the model of production means to bring the sustainable development as the element which is defining the new economy of cinema. “But we need to go further. We need to make all the fundings of the CNC connected to this new model.”


Ecoprod has been chosen by the COP21 to build the event on cinema of the COP21. Co-hosted by Film4Climate, the audiovisual conference in Paris will take place on 25th of November “We want to work together will all the partners in the industry who share this vision that we can reinvent our industry in a sustainable way”, sums up Olivier-RenéVeillon. “It is possible. We have everything to do it. It is only a question of capacity, will, imagination and organization of our industry.”

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