A petition for green production

New York City’s non-profit organization Film Biz Recycling that re-distributed wardrobe, furniture and props from film and theatre sets, had to close its doors after seven years. The prop shop in Brooklyn won an EPA award for its ambitious work. 60 % of the 390 tons diverted from over 1,600 productions had been re-distributed to local arts organizations and charities.



Emillie“Earth Angel would not exist if it weren’t for Film Biz Recycling”, comments Emellie O’Brien, Earth Angel Founder & President. “FBR closing its doors means that tons of unwanted items will be going to landfills rather than to local charities, and represents a huge step backward in the green set movement.” But as she successfully proved at big studio productions such as The Amazing Spider Man 2 or Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, the amount of waste generated over the course of a film production can be recycled and reused.



“Sustainable filmmaking is the inevitable future of the entertainment industry, and all industries for that matter”, underlines Emellie O’Brien who started a Green Set Petition to encourage the development and support of green production practices across all media platforms. “With your support, this trend can help become an industry-wide standard”, explains the Earth Angel. “The entertainment industry leads the way in design, innovation, and imagination. Sustainability must be next.”

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