Schwarzenegger fights for climate protection

At the 11th Zurich Film Festival, Austrian-American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was honored with the Golden Icon Award. During his visit to the Swiss metropolis, the politician and environmental activist said in view of the COP21 that it is important to make a commitment to reduce greenhouse gases because we can already see the effects it has. "My idea of really moving forward and being more successful is including subnational governments because they are all dealing with national governments", says Arnold Schwarzenegger. "When I was Governor of California, we really forced the toughest environmental laws in the U.S."


300915-a-conversation-with-arnold-schwarzenegger-004“Washington fought us every step of the way", reports Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Federal Government argued that greenhouse gases were not pollutants. "We had to take the Federal Government to court. We won the first court battle. And they went to a higher court, all the way up to the Supreme Court. And finally, the Supreme Court agreed: Yes, greenhouse gases are pollutants and California has the right to regulate its own air and its own pollution."


California made a commitment to cut back greenhouse gases by 25 % by the year 2020, and about an additional 85 % by 2050. "We have 35% renewable energy now. By 2020, we will have close to 50% renewable energy", emphasizes Arnold Schwarzenegger. "We should all simultaneously trying to get all the national governments together and get the subnational governments together because most of the action, 70 % of the reduction of greenhouse gases, will come from subnational governments."



"I had a great relationship with the French President Hollande, who has been a real great leader in that area. I try to do everything I can so that he could enter the international community successfully", emphasizes Arnold Schwarzenegger. "So I will be there with the R20, with our environmental organization that deals with subnational governments", concludes Arnold Schwarzenegger. "We have the responsibility to make this a better world and to hand this world over in a better shape."

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