Climate messages from Italy

The Italian producer Pietro Reggiani presented the premiere of  his awareness clip on climate change at the 10th Rome Film Festival. Produced by nine independent producers who are members of the Producers Guild of Italy, AGCPI, the video will be released in Italy  in order to raise awareness for climate change before the UN Conference on Climate Change COP21 kicks off in Paris on November 30.  "We shot the video in nine diffeent  regions in  Italy because we want to feature all the various dialects", reports Pietro Reggiani.



With his Rome-based company Adagio Film Pietro Reggiani already produced his movie The Art of Existing as one of the first films in Italy in a sustainable way. "We followed the British Standard BS 8909 because we didn’t have a green protocol in Italy", says the producer/ director. The crew of this  low budget production went for carpooling and worked without any generators. In the sound department were no batteries used for the microphones. "We  had catering with local food ", adds Pietro Reggiani, "and avoided any plastic bottles and cups on the set."

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