Day4Climate Action on one day

With the initiative Film a #Day4Climate Action Film4Climate invites people from all over the world to document climate actions, solutions and conversations that are happening within 24 hours on 29 November 2015, one day before the UNFCCC 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) kicks of in Paris. The short films need to have a length of not more than three minutes and be submitted on the Vimeo’s group channel: Film a #Day4Climate Action.


The video messages will be featured during the Youth Day at COP21 and at events across the city. The contributions will also be brought together in a documentary telling the story of how citizens around the world showed their support for climate action. “Telling stories in a way which allows others to experience a world, which they never would have otherwise seen, changes people”, comments Lucia Grenna, Programme Manager, Connect4Climate. “It has the power to change their perspectives, opinions and hearts. This is why film is such a powerful tool to encourage climate action.”


On November 29th, with a gathering of global leaders, citizens all around the world will get out and call for an ambitious outcome in Paris. COP21 is expected to adopt a binding agreement on the long-term reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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