Audiovisual climate conference in Paris

Shortly before the UN Climate Change Conference COP21 will kick off in Paris, Olivier René-Veillon, Ecoprod Founder and CEO of le-de-France Film Commission, is inviting members of the film/ TV industry to a conference on carbon free audiovisual productions which is co-hosted by Film4Climate. This one-day-event that takes place on November 25 starts with presentations by Don Ravaud from Film4Climate, Olivier René-Veillon from Ecoprod  and Jean-Louis Girodot, Conseil économique, social et environnemental régional (CESER) d’Ile-de-France.


In a roundtable discussion, representatives from various film funds and film commissions will give an overview about their climate-friendly measures, explain their approach and exchange experiences.  Evert Eriksson from Flanders Audiovisual Fund in Belgium will speak about the E-Mission project that provides tools and training for producers who need to deliver the carbon footprint of their production in order to receive the last installment.


Christiane Dopp, Film Commissioner at the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein (FFHSH) in Germany will present the GreenShooting Card for sustainable production. The green label for eco-friendly production has been awarded to more that 50 feature fms, docucemtaries, TV series, animated movies, short and student films from all over Germany.


Meanwhile Nevina Satta, CEO Sardegna Film Commission, will report about the collaboration with the energy provider Edison Italy. The Sardegna Film Commission, the Trentino Film Commission and the Torino-Piemonte Film Commission are going to adapt the Edison Green Movie protocol and produce a movie in a sustainable way in each of the regions.


Jérémie Mathieu, Sustainable Manager at BBC, will speak about the sustainable activities in Great Britain which started with the British Standard BS8909 and the carbon calculator Albert in 2011. Olivier René-Veillon is moderating and will also highlight the latest activities of Ecoprod.


The conference on carbon free audio-visual productions continues with several case studies. Erin Foster from Disney Studios will speak about the green initiatives of the film studio while David Parfitt, Senior Vice-President Film London will take “The perspective of a filmmaker”.

The conference takes places at the Cinema Le Balzac in Paris. Please register here.

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