No more talk, no more excuses

"After 21 years of debates and conferences, it is time to declare no more talk, no more excuses, no more 10-year studies, no more allowing the fossil fuel companies to manipulate and dictate the science and policies that affect our future”, said Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio in his latest speech at the UN General Assembly in New York where the Paris Agreement on counteracting global warming was signed. In his powerful speech the Hollywood actor addressed the world leaders with a clear message: “Our planet cannot be saved unless we leave fossil fuels in the ground where they belong.”


DiCaprio referred to US president Abraham Lincoln who had confronted the US congress with an issue of his time that had to end but there was no political will to stop it. 150 years ago it was slavery, nowadays the issue of our time is climate change.



"A massive change is required right now", emphasized the Hollywood actor.  "One that leads to a new collective consciousness. A new collective evolution of the human race inspired and enabled by a sense of urgency from all of you. We all know that reversing the course of climate change will not be easy but the tools are in our hands if we apply them before it is too late. Renewable energy, fossil fuels and putting a price on carbon pollution are beginning to turn the tide. This transition is not only the right thing for our world but it also makes clear economic sense. And is possible within our lifetime. But is now upon you to do what great leaders have always done: to lead to inspire and empower as president Lincoln did in his time."
The actor pointed out that active action is needed. "It will mean absolutely nothing if you return to your countries and failed to push beyond the promises of this historic agreement", DiCaprio appealed urgently to the world leaders. "Now is the time for bold unprecedented action. The world is now watching. You’ll either be lauded by future generations or vilified by them", he concluded. "We shall nobly save or mainly lose the last best hope of earth. You are the last best hope of earth. We ask you to protect it – or we, and all living things we cherish, are history."


Photo © Siebbi, Leonardo DiCaprio Berlinale 2010, CC BY 3.0

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