Full flicker-free LED

With the new M1 panel light, Fiilex brings its LED expertise into the realm of multi-source lighting. For this fixture the Dense-Matrix LED technology has been arrayed into a unique form-factor that marries a diffuse flicker-free source with formidable power and throw.



The M1 is designed to easily accommodate Fiilex’s light-shaping accessories and give filmmakers maximum control over its 1500W equivalent output. The M1 also features Fiilex’s professional-grade tunability options, which include full dimmability, color tunability from 2800 to 6500K, and hue control. The LED panel light is water resistant and can be controlled by Wi-Fi and DMX.




The Fiilex M1 will be presented at the Cine Gear Exp 2016 that takes place in the Paramount Studios in Hollywood on June 2 – 4.

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