Green events in Deauville

The fifth edition of the Deauville GreenAwards will kick off with the documentary Tomorrow by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion.  The two-day event is bringing together filmmakers, environmentalists, energy consultants, polititicians and sustainable development experts. The festival shows  three competitions in which awareness advertisement and publicity films, corporate communication and institutional information films as well as documentaries and TV programs are presented in 14 categories that focus on issues such as sustainability and eco-innovations. In total, about 300 films from 35 different countries worldwide were submitted to the Deauville Green Awards.


On June 15, the festival programme starts with films on transport and eco-mobility. But  health and living environment is also a subject in several contributions as for example the animated satire How to become a glyphosate supervillain! by Cataldo Leo and Alexander Gellner. The awareness ad is pointing out that the EU will approve the  pesticide glyphosate although it is carcinogenic.



Follow your instinct: eat organic! is the motto of a video that is produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) as part of the EaP-GREEN project.  Organic food is the natural choice for animals and our environment.  The awareness ad is asking “Why don’t we follow in their footsteps?”.


In addition to the film programs that are also dealing with responsible consumption and eco-labels, and sustainable agriculture, the festival is hosting a roundtable discussion on  energy transition. Furthermore, the French film consortium Ecoprod is giving the workshop "Energy savings on film shoots". Catherine Puiseux, CSR Director, TF1 Group, and Joanna Gallardo, Consultant at the  ‘Île-de-France Fim Comission, will present the Carbon Clap. Developed by Ecoprod, the tool enables  audio-visual productions to evaluate their carbon footprint. “Measuring carbon emissions upstream from the specifications and the work plan, allows us to prioritise actions to reduce the environmental footprint”, says Catherine Puiseux.


On June 16, a final roundtable discussion will be dedicated to the question "How can we practically accelerate change?" which requires a radical change in the behaviour of the actors of the economy and in public decision making. The panellists include Fabrice Bonnifet, President C3D, Sustainable Development Director,  and QSE Bouygues Group, Nicolas Loz de Couëtgourhand, Business partnership manager WWF France, Jean-Baptiste Dementhon, Vice President, technology & platforms , Aaqiusand and Jean-Charles Fresnel, Vice president Sleever.

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