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The fifth edition of the Deauville Green Awards presented inspiring image films, awareness ads, documentaries as well as TV programs which are dealing with issues such as sustainability and eco-innovations. In total, there were  320 contributions in 14 different categories to discover ranging  from subjects like energy efficiency over eco-tourism and environmentalism up to  overageing of our society.



Morgant-Pessis„Deauville is the place where sustainable solutions and ecology is discussed”, states Georges Pessis, President Deauville Green Awards. „The films that we are showing here are the result of actions which have already been accomplished.” Among these kind of contributions is a French ad about OWA, a new printer cartridge solution for laser printer which can be completely recyceled.



The Grand Prix for the best awareness ad went to the Regarde Moi by Pierre Noguéras which was produced by the Association Laurette Fugain to sensibilize the public what it means for patients and their families to suffer of leukemia.


A Grand Prix was also awarded to British filmmaker Rodney Rascona for Red Dirt Road which is about a young woman in Cambodia who believes there is more to life than working so hard for so little, in the oppressive garment factories in Phnom Penh. „We have to create stories about people who are having a vision", says the filmmaker who spent one and a half years working on this  project.


Ecprod prize winnerThe Special Award from Ecoprod was given to the three-minute campaign film Biocoop – La Campagne Eco responsable by Jason Freites, who not only promotes sustainable behaviour for production but also acted in a green way behind the camera. „The production was sustainable in any way", reports Joanna Gallardo, Adviser of French consortium Ecoprod. The green measures included the use of a bicycle-driven generator, local food, shooting with available lihgt, transportation by train as well accomodation of the film crew in an eco-certified hotel.


„Our festival itself is environmental responsible“, conclude Georges Pessis and the Deauville Green Awards Vice-President Francois Morgant. „At the end of the festival we always do a carbon calculation and work on solutions to bring down the carbon footprint of our event.“

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