Green inspirations

Denmark, notably, is also the first country in the world to switch to one-hundred percent sustainable agricultural cultivation. In order to make the change to ecological cultivation methods, the government has launched a € 50 million funding program that is granting incentives to green investments in the development of new technologies in the agricultural and food processing industries. In the film industry, sustainability has also become an issue. In order to get insirations what kind of green recommendations should be suggested to Film/TV productions Caroline Gjerulff, Head of the Film Commission Film Greater Copenhagen, visited her colleagues  Christiane Dopp and Alexandra Luetkens from the Film Commission Hamburg.



CarolynThe Danish representative took a crash course in green production and the Green Shooting Card label that is awarded to environmentally-friedly Film/TV productions all over Germany by the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holsteinauszeichnet. Some of the measures that should film teams take when they start production are already routine in every-day life in Denmark. "Waste managment is a big part of it", says Caroline Gjerulff. "Every household has six differrent trash bins for metal, plastic, garden and kitchen disposals as well as paper and cardboard". But also local food has become a trendsetter.



Renewable energy is also a reality on Denmark. About 40 percent of the total energy is powered by wind. In several months, wind energy is even generating about 60 percent. Until the year of 2020, Denmark will switch a third of the entire energy consumption to renewables, including heating and fuel for the traffic.



The longterm partnership between  Hamburg and Denmark in the film industry will be expanded to the green sector. The sustainable measures are going to be introduced by Film Greater Copenhagen. "Going green is the next step we’re taking“, says Thomas Gammeltoft, Managing Director of the Copenhagen Film Fund. „Hamburg is more than a showcase — its inspiring for us to see how we can work it out.“


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