A lightweight LED Space Light

The Chroma-Q Space Force LED fixture that was launched at the European trade show light + building in Frankfurt, received the Lighting Award at the 2016 Cine Gear Expo Technical Awards in Los Angeles, California. The variable white LED Space Light is designed to replace conventional space lights or soft light sources commonly used in film and TV studios around the world. The fixture benefits from cool running, energy efficiency, lightweight design and minimum maintenance. Space Force also removes the need for skirts or silks to diffuse the light. As a result of its low profile, lightweight (only 8kg ) and skirt-free design, the fixture is quick and easy to set up at any height.


The Space Force is available as a variable white source, CCT tuneable between 2,800K – 6,300K. Every unit is factory calibrated, to ensure consistent output and color temperature. The Space Force uses a fraction of the power required by conventional fixtures, whilst providing an output of up to 26,700 lumens, which is comparable to a traditional 6kW fixture.


Not only is the power consumption lower, so too is the heat produced, ensuring a cooler environment and lower air conditioning costs. Using the same convection cooling technology found in other Chroma-Q LED models – which eliminates the need for noisy cooling fans – the Space Force provides totally silent running in operation.

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