Building Green at AFCI Cineposium

"Building Your Business" is the motto of the 40th annual Cineposium conference of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) which will bring together film commissioners, executives and production professionals from more than 30 countries  in Atlanta, Georgia, from September 22-24. An issue that will be tackled at the three-day film industry summit is green production.

Lisa Day, Director of Sustainability, 20th Century Fox, will share her experience with tracking and reducing carbon emissions, incorporating sustainable materials into set design and achieving zero waste goals. Among this year’s targets at Fox Studios in Los Angeles is to achieve zero waste to landfill, to measure studio water footprint and to develop a methodology for the measurement of carbon emissions from the full life-cycle of feature films.


“Everything we build or do has an impact on our environment, so Building Green is a job for everyone”, says Lisa Say who is managing sustainability initiatives for 20th Century Fox. “In addition to environmental and energy initiatives on the lot and in all international offices of Fox Filmed Entertainment, I am responsible for greening the production of all of Fox’s feature films.” Prior to her position at Fox, she worked as Global Projects Director for the non-profit environmental group Earth Communications Office (ECO) as well as the Vice President of Corporate and Community Affairs at Participant Media.


At the Cineposium in Atlanta, she will facilitate the Building Green program session on Saturday, September 24 at 1 pm. Her specialties include climate change, alternative energy and fuels, green design and architecture, transportation and communications. One of Fox’ green goals is to establish common industry-wide methodology and tools to measure and report on carbon emissions and other environmental indicators for film and television production.
24Among the recent environmentally responsible productions at 20th Century Fox are 24: Live Another Day which was shot at a vacant Gillette razor factory in London as well as the The X-Files event series. Filmed in 2015 at 40 individual locations across British Columbia, the production managed to divert more than 81% of its total waste from landfill, recycle 100% of the aluminum and steel used in set construction, and avoid 33 tonnes of CO2 emissions, generating nearly $41,000 in cost savings.

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