Sustainability Reloaded on video

Sustainable film production is much more than just implementing the Best Practices on set. This was a key issue at the panel discussion Sustainability Reloaded, that Green Film Shooting organized for the third time in cooperation with the Filmförderung Hamburg-Schleswig-Holstein und MFG during the Berlin International Film Festival. "We realized that it is not enough to share Best Practices on the shooting", emphasized Joanna Gallardo, Adviser of French consortium Ecoprod.



Due to the growing use of visual effects, 3D animation and video games in the film and media sector there is an increasing carbon footprint by computers. Paris-based post production company Illumination Mac Guff that created animated action adventures such as Minions and Despicable Me is consuming more electricity than the Eiffel Tower. The company realized that energy saving is also bringing down the costs.




The sustainable management of resources is also an issue that is increasingly recognized in the Film/TV industry in Italy. "The studio  company Lux Video shot the first sustainably-produced Italian TV series at Sardegna", said Nevina Satta, CEO of the Sardegna Film Commission. In Trentino, the regional Film Comission created the T-Green Film Rating-System that gives incentives when productions are going green. The first feature film that was produced sustainbly in Trentino is Resina by Renzo Carbonera.



In Hamburg the collaboration with the Hamburg Media School pays off. Thanks to the  cooperation with the Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein the student films are  shot as green as possible. "It is important that green production becomes normal for the next generation of filmmakers", says Christiane Dopp who is awarding the Green Shooting Card at Film Commission Hamburg.



"We are focussing too much on the process of shooting", remarked Carl-A. Fechner, Director/ Producer of the green documentary Power to Change. It is important to run the whole company in a sustainable way. "Food is only one issue. I live in an energy plus house that is generating energy and I drive an electric car", the filmmaker pointed out . "It would not be very convincing to organize a cinema tour for a film about energy change but drive to the various theatres all across Germany with a fuel-powered car that is generating carbon emissions."


Photo: ©Bildschön
Video (Camera and Editing):  ©Jakob Nehls/ Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein


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