Green film seminar in Copenhagen

Sustainable film production is the subject of a presentation of the University of Copenhagen. Hosted by the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, the seminar “Material Perspectives on Nordic Media” will provide an introction in the benefits, legislative foresight and the practical implementation of green film production.


Pietari Kaapa, Associate Professor in Media and Communications at University of Warwick, will speak about the role of media policy in integrating environmental sustainability as a key operational principle for the film and television industries in Europe. Ihe need for stronger regional policy on addressing the media’s footprint is facing severl challenges such as the problems of conceptualising policy in different national environments, the perceived insignificance of the media as an environmental threat but also the lack of industry interest, integrating economics with the environment. But green film and television production also has various advantages such as reputational benefits, lethical integrity as well as cost-effective measures.


Birgit Heidsiek, Editor-in-Chief of Green Film Shooting and the Cine-Regio Green Report will provide insights into Best Practices as well as practical solutions for green Film/TV productions. From pre-production planning to studio film production, from post-production to theatrical release, different approaches to sustainability are necessary to cover the entire production chain. Sustainable Film/TV production begins with awareness; then it requires know-how, training, and tools; and it ends with quantifiable results. The challenge of going green offers productions new opportunities in which the careful management of resources is often a win-win situation — for the budget as well as for the environment. Ecologically friendly practices can be implemented in the workflow of any film or media production ― from short films and low-budget productions all the way up to Hollywood blockbusters. Models and methods for the implementation of green measures may vary from country to country, but the goal is always the carbon footprint.


The seminar takes places on October 12 from 2 to 4pm at the University of Copenhagen, Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, Room 22.0.11


Photo: © Rosel Eckstein / PIXELIO

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