Green policy forum in Malmö

On the occasion of the Nordisk Panorama Film Festival in Malmö, 
Cine-Regio Green  presented a policy forum in collaboration with the regional film fund Film I Skåne and Ystad Municpality in Sweden. Charlotte Appelgren, General-Secretary, Cine-Regio, gave an insight in the activities and actions of the green working group. The latest results include the 2017 Cine-Regio Green Report that was launched at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.


The survey, structured along twelve topics, focuses on sustainable production efforts in twelve European regions. The implementation of green measures is supported by different approaches and incentives. Models and methods may vary from region to region but the goal is always addressing climate change. Environmentally friendly practices can be implemented in the workflow of any film or media production — as various projects in the 2017 Cine-Regio Green Report demonstrate.


Luca Ferrario, Manager of the Trentino Film Commission, presented the T-Green Film Rating System that guides production companies to work towards a more environmentally friendly approach. The basis for green production is the Sustainability Plan that a Green Manager must develop during pre-production. The measures that may be adopted include the optimization of energy consumption, more efficient organization of transportation and accommodations, sustainable catering solutions, and the selection of reusable materials as well as appropriate waste management.  In most cases, adopting green practices on the set allows producers to contain some shooting expenses.


The green bonus program is appreciated by most of the producers in the region. in 2017, 13 out of 21 applicants at the Trentino Film Fund  want to adopt the system. Five projects received an approval for the T-Green Film Rating System that provides them with extra points and additional funding up to € 10,000.  "Going green is also an advantage in terms of marketing", says Luca Ferrario.


In Italy, the country of slow food, sustainable production is a benefical value.  The Sardegna Film Commission already launched a sustainable production program in 2014. Last year the Hospitality Fund introduced a reward-criteria of five additional points in rakings for those productions that decide to apply the Sardegna Green Set Protocol. The program provides financial support to feature films, TV productions, and shorts. The initiative has 
already borne fruits. The environmentally friendly Film/TV productions in Sardinia include the first green-produced Italian TV series Doctor Pietro that premiered this fall.


As Charlotte Appelgren is pointing out, these green initiatives can be a source of inspiration for other regional film funds that plan to introduce sustainable action plans.



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