Green Production – no (false) excuses!

The Berlinale Co-Production Market is hosting a panel discussion on green film production with Italian Producer Marta Donzelli from Rome-based production company Vivo Film, Emelie O’Brien, Eco Supervisor and Founder of New York-based Earth Angel, and Lars Jessen, Director and Producer of Hamburg-based production company Eicholz Film who has a huge track record of sustainably-produced films. Moderated by Birgit Heidsiek, Publisher of Green Film Shooting, the event takes place in cooperation with Engagement Global and the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development.


Green film production is not an expensive luxury. A careful management of precious resources is a win-win-situation for the budget and the environment. Therefore, various regional funds in Europe are offering  additional financing support if productions decide to go green. The best practices and tools are available. Now it is up to producers to implement them into film production.


Italian producer Marta Donzelli will give an insight into the sustainably-produced Berlinale Competition title Daughter of Mine by Laura Bispuri, a former Berlinale Co-Production Markt project, that was shot in Sardinia. Emellie O’Brien is going to explain how the carbon footprint of big Hollywood productions such as The Amazing-Spider Man 2,  Noah and The Post can be reduced. In Germany, Director/Producer Lars Jessen is a pioneer of green film and TV production. His works include the cult movie Fraktus and Dorfpunks that premiered at the 2009 Berlinale.


The panel discussion will take place on Monday, February 19 from 11 -12 am in the Festsaal at Berlinale Co-Production Market.


Photo: © GFS

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