T-Green Film 2.0

Providing filmmakers with green tools and sustainability strategies that are supported by financial incentives is bearing fruit in Trentino. Since the launch of the T-Green Film system in 2017, five films have adopted sustainable production measures and have obtained the certification. Two of them, the feature films Resina by Renzo Carbonera and Sconessi by Christian Marazziti are already going to be released in Italy. The productions that requested certification also include Menocchio, a historical drama by award-winning director Alberto Fasulo; Ride, an extreme sports action-thriller produced by Lucky Red; and Restiamo amici, a brilliant comedy by Antonello Grimaldi.


“During 2017, its first year of operation, T-Green Film received very positive feedback: 55 % of the applications that we received included a request for green certification”, says Luca Ferrario, Manager of the Trentino Film Commission. As a guest speaker, he also presented T-Green Film at international green events held in Berlin, Cannes, Malmø, and Vancouver. Meanwhile, the Trentino Film Fund is work- ing on the release of T-Green Film 2.0. “Thanks to the feedback from participating producers, we’ve improved some aspects of the rating system in order to make it clearer and easier to use.”


Additionally, Trentino is preparing a unique set of guidelines on waste management for the region so that producers don’t encounter different rules and regulations when working in its communities. Furthermore, the film fund plans to offer a webinar on T-Green Film. “We’ll launch a short online training tool so that a producer can better understand how the rating system is managed before submitting an application”, sums up Ferrario. “We’re hoping that even more applicants will request green certification.”


Photos: © Lucky Red, Minerva Pictures

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