FFA starts Green Cinema initiative

Green Cinema is picking up pace in Germany. On the initiative of the Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA),  Green Cinema which aims to tackle climate change by managing energy and resources  more efficiently will be the issue of a panel dicussion for the first time. The event takes place at the German exhibitor’s fare KINO 2018 in Baden-Baden in the Kongresssal on May 16 at 2.15 pm.


The panel discussion marks the start of a multi-level package of measures which the FFA developed together with Green Film Shooting to focus how cinemas can be operated in a  more sustainable way. Moderated by  Christine Berg, Deputy Chairman FFA, various experts are going to discuss the opportunities, experiences and investitions that are related to Green Cinema.


Furthermore, the FFA is working in collaboration with Birgit Heidsiek, Publisher of Green Film Shooting, on the „Green Cinema Handbook“ that will be published in the fall and provide the exhibitors with practical solutions and  tools to green their cinemas.


„Sustainability is recognized as an issue in all areas of our society and also the cinema industry is challenged to actively contribute by reducing their carbon emissions", states FFA Chairman Peter Dinges. "This also offers the chance for new saving potentials from which the cinemas can benefit economically in times of increasing energy costs. We want to supervise this process and set an example together with the cinema industry as a central part of the media landscape. We very much appreciate that some cinema companies already discovered Green Cinema as an issue and are developing activities in this  field.“

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