The Evergreen Green Guide goes Prisma

The Evergreen Green Guide by the Lower Austrian Film Commission (LAFC) is establishing a basis for sustainable film production in Austria. Dietlind Rott, the LAFC Film Commissioner, elaborates on the goals set for innovative digital services that were introduced in Lower Austria.


What measures are driving the development of green production?
With Evergreen, the LAFC is offering the first Green Guide for sustainable film production in Austria. We’re extending its scope with the best-practice-orientated Evergreen Prisma. Our goal is to provide filmmakers with the essential know-how to produce films sustainably and in an environmentally conscious manner in (Lower) Austria. The information is available on our web-site at Evergreen Prisma is a training tool for film professionals.


Which advanced training tools does Evergreen Prisma provide to filmmakers for successful environmentally friendly productions?
At our first Evergreen Prisma Workshop, Philip Gassmann, the Green Consultant, gave Austrian filmmakers practical advice for managing film productions sustainably. Some measures don’t simply reduce carbon emissions; they also cut costs. Filmmakers can use a carbon calculator to plan, manage, and control productions. Our workshops serve as a platform for filmmakers to conference as well as to exchange experiences.


What’s on your agenda?
Sharing know-how is essential for support- ing sustainable film production in Austria. LAFC’s Evergreen Prisma is a versatile means of providing support. Another challenge is finding ways to implement sustainable film production on national as well as international projects. Since co-productions are no longer the exception but the rule, we have to address transnational productions from the point of view of sustainability. Being a regional Film Commission, we want to work successfully with other co-producing regions and countries.

With Evergreen Prisma, we’re developing workable production models as well as modules that can be tailored to meet the needs of individual projects. The LAFC is going to intensify its networking with the international green film scene in order to adapt the latest techniques and pass them on. If regional vendors are making innova- tions in these areas, we want to highlight their contributions online with a green icon. LAFC’s Evergreen Prisma serves as an interface to the full spectrum of the body of sustainable production knowledge.


Photos: @ Lower Austrian Film Commission /Gregor Lechner

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