A green production affair

Producing film sustainably is becoming more crucial – also in Finland. At the panel discussion Sustainability in Filmmaking, that takes place at the Industry Sessions of the Finnish Film Affair in Helsinki, Sustainability Coordinator Kaisa Astikainen and Television Freelancer Anne Puolanne will launch “Ekosetti”, which is a Green Production Guide in Finnish language. Structured by various topics, the 20-page booklet covers all the measures that can be taken in the different departments to produce films more environmental-friendly.


Kaisa Astikainen worked as a sustainability coordinator with the production company Bufo and led the Sustainability in Filmmaking seed funding project at Aalto University, while Anne Puolanne, is working as a writer as well as in the production department in the TV industry. They will discuss with Timo Argillander, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of the venture capital investor IPR.VC, why it’s overall a smart business move to go green. Moderated by Anni Wessman, Audiovisual Producers Finland — APFI, the panel discussion will be held in Finnish.


The theme of sustainable production was introduced to the Finnish film industry by the Green Production Seminar that took place in Helsinki in the fall of 2018. Managed by Creative Export Innovations in collaboration with the Finnish Film Foundation, Finnish Lapland Film Commission, the event gave an insight into the best practices of green film production. With the green production guide in Finnish language, the producers get a tool that can help them to go green.


The panel discussion Sustainability in Filmmaking takes place on September 19,  from 11.45 am to 1 m at the G Livelab in Helsinki.

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