Launch of Green Guide in Finland

The green production guide that was published in Finland last fall is also available in an English language version. Compiled by the production freelancers and sustainability experts Kaisa Astikainen and Anne Puolanne, Ekosetti: A Guidebook to Sustainable Audiovisual Production in Finland covers all stages and departments of film production.


Quick tips help to take measures that make a film and TV production more sustainable. Besides the common best practice recommendations, the guidebook also provides some suggestions to consider the particular situation. The search for accommodation options should not only focus on environmental certificates but also to take into consideration how remotely an accomodation is located. If it comes to catering, food waste as well as the water footprint of products are also pointed out as important issues that need to be considered.


The production of the Finnish guidebook has been supported by The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK), Audiovisual Producers Finland – (APFI) and Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture/Department of Film, Television and Scenography and School of Engineering/Department of Built Environment.


So far, there are no Finnish films which have been produced sustainably but there is a growing demand of producers to reduce their carbon footprint. In the fall of 2018, Creative Export Innovations and the Finnish Film Foundation  organized the first green film production seminar where international organizations such as Earth Angel and Green Film Shooting shared its expertise.


Illustration: @ Ekosetti

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