Green fashion design contest

Suzy Amis Cameron’s initiative Red Carpet Green Dress™ (RCGD) teamed up with with TENCEL™ Luxe for an international design contest for designers from all over the world, which is open until 30th July 2020. Entrants, whether they are emerging or established professionals, are challenged to submit a sketch of a red carpet worthy gown or suit for the red carpet. Selected by an international jury of sustainable fashion experts, the winning designer will receive a prize including a $1000 cash prize, business mentorship, an invitation to join the RCGD Gala.


Furthermore, the awarded designers will present their work to an audience of eco-influencers in LA and get the opportunity to dress the contest ambassadors in their sustainable fashion designs. The jury members who will select the winner are RCGD Founder Suzy Amis Cameron, couture designer Laura Basci, Awaj Foundation founder Nazma Akter and Harold Weghorst, Vice President of Global Brand Management at Lenzing AG.


Textiles matter. With its huge environmental impact through waste, water consumption, chemical use, greenhouse gas emissions, soil degradation and rainforest destruction, the fashion industry remains a top polluter. It produces 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions due to its long supply chains and energy intensive production. Clothing represents more than 60% of the total textiles used globally and in the last 15 years, clothing production has approximately doubled.



In partnership with The Academy Awards®, RCGD challenges designers from around the world to deliver eco-friendly garments through a no-waste, circular economy approach, social impact consideration, fair and humane treatment of manufacturers, a clear supply chain and, importantly, materials which use a high proportion of eco-friendly and recycled materials.


The RCGD Global Design Contest 2020 is not in partnership with The Annual Academy Awards. The participants of the design contest can submit their work for a $30 entry fee. A percentage of funds raised via entries will be donated to the Awaj Foundation, which is a grassroots labour rights NGO with over 600,000 worker members across Bangladesh. In cooperation with Fair Wear, donations will also given to the nonprofit rights organization The Fifth Pillar in Myanmar.


Photo: Nick Agro / ©A.M.P.A.S.

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