The 360° concept for sustainability

With its new platform Evergreen Prisma, the Lower Austrian Film Commission (LAFC) has chosen a 360-degree concept to provide filmmakers, institutions, organizations, and co-production partners with useful tools and background information on environmen- tally-friendly film production. The digital information service is a logical expansion of Evergreen, the first Best Practice Guide in Austria which the LAFC launched in 2018.


The green online toolkit provides creatives with essential tools for environmentally-
friendly film production: a film- oriented carbon calculator; checklists; and information
on green certification in Austria. The centerpiece is the LAFC Guide which offers links to products and suppliers. The bandwidth ranges from sustainable techniques and biodegradable products to the lo- cations of almost a thousand electric-vehicle charging stations in Lower Austria.


Furthermore, the new digital platform announces green film events, LAFC workshops, and seminars for which it provides detailed infor- mation. The LAFC offers filmmakers cost-free, multi-day courses on the basics of eco-friendly production opportunities, which treat subjects ranging from planning, communication, and use of resources in the different departments to calculating a carbon footprint and giving advice on green storytelling. As the first film school to offer green production in Austria, the St. Pölten University of Applied Science, has chosen to become a partner for seminars on green film production. The Film Academy in Vienna is also indicating interest.


Thanks to inspiration found in an LAFC work- shop, Gebhardt Productions has become the first production company in Lower Austria to take an environmentally-friendly approach to the production of TV shows and series as well as of theatrical films. Its first green project was the TV crime series Soko Kitzbühel in 2019, for which two stages of shooting for Season 19 (108 shooting days) were produced sustainably. The Federal Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism awarded the Soko Kitzbühel episodes the Austrian Ecolabel for resource-saving and climate-friendly measures. The award is given for compliance to various criteria in the areas of mobility and climate protection, set construction materials, set decoration and props, costumes, hair and make-up technique, cate- ring, and accommodations.


Furthermore, a crew member must be put in charge of green production and has to motivate team mem- bers to follow eco-sensitive office policy and to choose environmentally-friendly mobility options. “We made wide-ranging changes in the produc- tion workflow of our series, films, and shows in order to comply with the Green Producing Guidelines”, says the company chief Florian Gebhardt. “For us, the change of production workflows is as important as raising aware- ness among all our filmmakers and partners.”


Green production is also being tackled by the Vienna Film Fund, which included green production in its guidelines at the beginning of 2020. It is advising supported projects to fol- low environmental standards and to implement the guidelines established by the Austrian Ecolabel during production. In addition to its relations with regional and national film funds, the LAFC is also cooperating with festivals such as Diagonale and the Austrian Film Academy. At the Austrian Film Awards 2020 in Lower Austria, sustainability was made a centerpiece of the event for the first time.


Photo: © LAFC

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