Green strategies of broadcasters@Deauville

Green broadcasting, green production and green storytelling are the key topics that international industry experts discuss at the 10th edition of the Deauville Green Awards, which take place as a hybrid event on June 16 and 17. The masterclasses and expert round tables will be physically hold under the glass roof in the venue of the Franciscan Sisters in Deauville as well as in an online space. The host in the studio is Julien Tricard who operates Le médiaClub’Green initiative.


Moderated by Green Film Shooting publisher Birgit Heidsiek, the Masterclass Ecoproduction et Chaines TV internationales brings together broadcasters, film funds, producers and writers. Emmanuel Suard, CEO of ARTE, will outline the sustainability strategy of the German French channel. ARTE already introduced an energy management system in 2014 in order to monitor and reduce the energy consumption.


The public Canadian broadcaster CBC is taking actions to reduce their negative impact on the environment since a decade. Lisa Clarkson, chair of CBC environmental influencers and member of CBC Sustainability Steering committee, will talk about the green targets of CBC’s five-year plan.


Birgit Gariel, CSR Coordinator, ARTE, is giving an insight into the green targets and the strategy regarding green production. Nevina Satta, CEO, Sardegna Film Commission and Alissa Aubenque, Project Manager, Ecoprod are sharing their expertise with green production, support, training but also green storytelling approaches.


Serge Ladron, Line Producer of the long running French daily soap Plus belle la vie will speak about the sustainable production measures of the series, which attracts more than three million viewers. The series is not only produced sustainably but also incorperates green storytelling elements, which inspire the audience. As an Specialist of Environment Ccommunication, Magali Payen worked on a Plus belle la vie show in which the action of the protagonists were inspired by environmental activists.


Photo: @Courtesy of ARTE

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