The green recipe for success

At the European Cultural TV Channel ARTE, sustainable resource and waste management are not restricted to television programming; they play important roles behind the scenes, too. Best Practices, as they are being presented to TV viewers during the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWAV), have already been implemented in the daily production routine of the Strasbourg-based broadcaster.


„In 2014, we introduced an energy management system in accordance with ISO-Norm 50001“, says Emmanuel Suard, Managing Director of ARTE. The results paid off: Between 2013 and 2016, energy consumption was reduced by 28%, from 8.2 to 5.8 Gwh. Energy savings of about 40% were achieved by equipping the newsroom studio with LED lights. In 2018, energy-efficient LEDS will be installed in all offices. In 2012, ARTE put a waste management system in place. Paper, cardboard, plastic, metal, and glass, as well as organic trash, are collected separately. „It’s working out fine because the employees have, in the meanwhile, internalized the process.“



Excellent quality as well as planning for exact requirements have been the main ingredients for a successful recipe for waste reduction in ARTE‘s cafeteria, which has been focusing on ecologically sustainable sourcing. „We’re buying all our vegetables locally, either in Alsace or in Baden-Wuerttemberg“, says the Managing Director. Organic food comprises about 60% of the menu. „Good food really does matter in France. A cafeteria that offers delicious meals is also supporting informal brainstorming sessions as well as team spirit.” There are four different daily menus to choose from, among which are vegetarian and seafood dishes. The cost of providing quality food is partly paid by the employees, who unanimously voted in favor of organic products. To prevent food waste, the eco-consciousness of cafeteria guests is raised when they are advised not to help themselves to larger portions of food than they actually intend to eat.


The annual European Metropolitan Bicycle Competition encourages participants in the Strasbourg region to bike to work. The feedback has been great! 182 out of a total of 430 ARTE employees participated in 2017. Together, they rode a cumulative 9,000 km in two weeks. A few employees who live even farther away biked as much as 40 km to ARTE. The incentives for cyclists include sheltered parking spaces as well as complimentary repair service facilities.



Meanwhile, ARTE headquarters generally communicates with colleagues in Mainz, Baden-Baden, Stuttgart, and Paris via video-conferencing. „So, the number of meetings we actually hold where we have to travel to Paris has been tremendously reduced“, says Suard. In 2013, the fleet of company cars was reduced by two-thirds.“ For short trips, the employees can rent an electric car. A „Car to Go“ station, one-hundred-percent powered by renewables, is located right in front of ARTE headquarters.



As far as the production of ARTE shows is concerned, neither environmental nor climate restrictions have yet been put in place. „We’re planning to exchange Best Practices with France Télévision”, the ARTE chief said, “so we can develop, together with independent producers, more environmentally friendly productions.“

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