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With the Emmy-nominated show Emily in Paris, the Sex and the City creator Darren Star has given Netflix its most popular comedy series. The second season’s loud-color costume design is causing shock waves. “Too much good taste is boring. My trademark is eclecticism and mixing all elements”, emphasizes the costume designer Marylin Fitoussi, who rises to the challenge of combining couture elements with creations by young designers and secondhand clothing.


Lead actress Lily Collins wears a yellow outfit with saucy pattern combinations that defy all trends. “For the last seven years I’ve been increasingly into upcycling and recycling. We buy new items only if we need them the next day or if something can’t be delivered on time. I love secondhand shops. That’s how I made friends with most of their owners in Paris”, reveals Marylin Fitoussi. “They call me if they get a unique or special piece – anything that would scare ordinary mortals.”




By purchasing secondhand garments, the costume designer makes a strong contribution to sustainability, which is an inspiring example. However, for the dry cleaning of clothing, almost no eco-friendly or resource-saving solutions are available. Yet this market niche may be filled by the German Infinity StartUp with its award-winning RefresherBoxx, which can clean clothing and shoes without water or chemicals in half an hour in an environmentally friendly fashion.



The patented process is based on the combinationof light, oxygen, temperature, and air pressure, which eliminates microorganisms. “We’re treating cells”, points out Stefan Sing-Hong Chang, who developed the RefresherBoxx in cooperation with Gernot Sümmermann. “Gram-positive cells have a cell wall, which can be destroyed mechanically by temperature or energy levels.”



Odors or sweat can gently be removed even from delicate silks, leather, and cashmere articles of clothing. Because all bacterias, germs, fungi, and corona viruses are eliminated by the process, a hospital in Aachen is using the device for the desinfection of surgery shoes and gowns. “The impact was tested by labs such as thenFraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology”, says Gernot Sümmermann. But work clothes are only one segment. Hotels are using the RefresherBoxx for guest service because it leaves cleaned items unwrinkled.


The RefresherBoxx is manufactured in Germany. Ecodesign and energy efficiency were considerations in the development process. Thanks to its low energy consumption of 0.2 kW, the cleaning costs about two cents per item of clothing, which is even less than a washing machine. Meanwhile, Marylin Fitoussi is already developing wardrobe ideas for the third season of Emily in Paris. „My dream is to recycle some of Lily’s most iconic outfits from season one.”



Photos: © Stéphanie Branchu/Netflix © 202; Carole Bethuel/Netflix © 2021 ©RefresherBoxx

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