Cannes and the cleaning of colors

The 75th Cannes Film Festival opened with the humorous zombie remake Final Cut by Michel Hazanavicius,  which is about the making of a zombie film and turns into a disaster when the film crew is attacked by actual zombies. The blood trail which is left behind by the zombies was also a challenge for set designer Sabine Barthelemy.



Final Cut was shot on the fallow land of the former racetrack in Évry, where her five-member set design team had access to neither water nor electricity. Instead she used a mobile cleaning system developed specifically for painting tools. The French company Enviro Plus offers a range of mobile and stationary solutions for cleaning tools that operate in a one-hundred percent closed circuit.


"They work without consuming water or discharging effluents contaminated by micropollutants“, says Thierry Hatat, CEO, Envir Plus. Reprocessing the wastewater in this roller and paintbrush cleaning system is done by a flocculating agent, which is based on bentonite. Clay absorbs the pollutants in the water, and it leaves behind a sludge. After it has dried, the sludge can be disposed of as commercial waste.


The crowd pleaser, which is starring Academy award-winning French actress Bérénice Béjo,  starts with a thirty-minute long opening take in the shoulder-camera style. Due to the complicated choreography, this long take was rehearsed by Michel Hazanavicius and cinematographer Jonathan Ricquebourg  with the entire cast on set for a month. Final Cut is one of the contenders of the Ecoprod prize, which will awarded to an eco-friendly film production that premiere at the 75th Cannes film festival.


Photos: © Lisa Ritaine


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