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At the eleventh edition of the Deauville Green Awards, Green Film Shooting hosted a panel discussion on the latest eco-innovations in the audiovisual sector, ranging from green storytelling and development via production up to distribution via streaming.


The goal of Magali Payen, Founder of the On est prêt movement and the new production company Newtopia is to change the world through the stories and imageneries. She created the company in cooperation with Cyril Dion and Marion Coutillard in order to imagine how the world could look like in the best way knowing that we already crossed many planetary boundaries. "In what world can we live in in ten, twenty or thirty years", underlines  the writer/producer Magali Payen.


Charles Drouin, CEO of French company Tulipes & Cie, advises and consults filmmakers to develop green storytelling but also to take eco-friendly measures behind the camera. "We launched a strategic plan for our company with the purpose to create useful and creative media to build a more sustainable and human world", says Charles Drouin.


French broadcaster TF1, one of the founding member of Ecoprod, takes action to reduce its carbon footprint. "At our headquarter we have reduced our electricity consumption by thirty percent since 2011", says CSR director Christelle Leroy.



As sustainability manager at Austrian Terra Mater Studios, Josepha Andras tries to train all inhouse producers and filmmakers. "It is important that we are all on the same page and knowing what we are doing." A useful tool for the film industry is the eco-innovation by Berlin-based start up betteries, which refurbishes used batteries from electric vehicles (EVs). “We give batteries from electric vehicles a second life", stresses Annika Hoenig, Head of Communication & Marketing at betteries AMPS GmbH.


The energy use on set is one of the main sources of carbon emissions of a film production. Instead of shooting every take it is possible in some cases to use stock footage. The French company Frames Dealers provides a platform with premium footage from personal projects, documentaries as well as feature film. "We are working with  more than 150 filmmaker from all across the world", says Léa Morel, Head of production & General manager at Frame Dealers. The company helps producers if they need some establishing shots from the U.S. or can also work with local teams in order to shoot the material which is specifically required.


Getting greener is becoming a unique selling point, says Cédric Monnier, CEO, and Co-founder of French streaming platform Okast. "We use a lot of different providers from all across the world which means that we rely on an infrastructure that we don’t own", Cédric Monnier points out. "That means that we don’t control everything." Neverthelesss, Okast developed a method to encode the video a bit differently. "The  quality of the video looks the same but the bandwidth is almost reduced by half of what we use in the industry. We still use hardware equipment and energy but we are going to use less and hope that it will continue to improve year by year."


Photo: © GFS, Video: © Deauville Green Awards



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