Green currency for the media industry

Cutting carbon emissions in cinematography is crucial because it also means cutting costs. As energy bills keep rising, energy-efficiency becomes the green currency for the film and broadcast industry. Cinematographers, gaffers, production managers, and producers can take a wide variety of measures to reduce their carbon footprint as well as their energy costs.


Thanks to legal regulations and green taxonomy, sustainability will become the new normal. Various companies, as well as some green start-ups, are already providing the film and media industry with eco-innovations. The use of energy-efficient LED lighting is a win-win situation for the environment as well as the budget. The electric power supply on set needs to be reliable, clean, low-noise and, at least in a perfect world, generated by a renewables. One eco-friendly solution is battery storage that provides energy on set.


Saving energy and avoiding waste also mean the careful use of materials. The circular economy becomes a best practice for the film and broadcast industry. Recycling resources, refurbishing and rehousing high-end film equipment, such as vintage lenses, provide artistic advantages as well as environmentally friendly benefits.


At the international technology event Euro Cine Expo, Fabio De Sisti, CEO, De Sisti, Anna Piffl, CEO, P+S Technik, Rainer Hoenig, CEO, betteries and Maher Maleh, Founder of CineGreen, will discuss how green requirements can be turned into solutions. Birgit Heidsiek, CEO of Green Film Shooting, will moderate the session, which takes place at the Zenith Kulturhalle in Munich on July 1, 2022 at 11.30 am.


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