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In Italy, the Sardegna Film Commission (FSFC) continues to focus sharply on training initiatives in order to foster new talent and to implement green approaches at all levels of audio-visual production, be it short films, tv series, feature films, or animation. “The idea is to generate as
much content on sustainability as possible”, says Nevina Satta, CEO of the Sardegna Film Commission. With the launch of Screen in Green, a screenwriting competition is for the first time being dedicated to the creation of original content promoting sustainability.


For the Screen in Green competition, supported by the Ministry for Ecological Transition, the Sardegna Film Commission teamed up with the prestigious Italian screenwriters’ organization Premio Solinas as well as with Green Cross Italia. Created in Sardinia in 1986, Premio Solina is the most important screenwriting competition in Italy, and whose winners include well-known script writers such as Paolo Sorrentino. The finalists for the award also participate in a one-week workshop at La Maddalena, an island archipelago in a marine reserve in the north of Sardinia.


“There is heavy investment in scientific research as well as in the protection of biodiversity”, says Nevina Satta, who invited scientists to come and speak to the writers. “Screenwriting requires science. Whenever you create the conditions to combine motivation, talent, and information through science, it has a consistent viability.” The Screen in Green finalists will participate in either the writer’s room or the screenwriters’ workshop on the island. Besides awards for scripts of short films, TV series, and feature films, the Green in Screen initiative offers networking opportunities with well-established  writers and producers. “We give a first look to national broadcasters such as RAI and Sky as well as to Netflix and Amazon”, stresses Nevina Satta. By scouting the most interesting talents, producers can decide if they want to develop the projects.


Following up on the 2020HEROES project, a further training initiative is being embedded in
the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations. The Sardegna Film Commission will support short films that promote sustainable tourism. “We
are launching calls for local filmmakers and producers to create original content to promote new ways to discover Sardinia.”


Furthermore, the animation program that focuses on environmentally friendly content for young audiences will be expanded. The 2D animated short film Mission Mare about keeping the ocean plastic-free is going to be turned into a TV series for kids. “Our animation hub is a production and training lab”, emphasizes Nevina Satta, who is developing a residence exchange program with producers from Angoulême, the French animation capital. “More content is being developed by working together sustainably through animation.”



Photos: © Sardegna Film Commission, GFS

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