Green actions at the 79th Venice Fim Festival

The 79th Venice Film Festival aims to carbon neutrality. In 2021, various trees were planted and an electric boat was chartered for a drive to the islands. This year, La Biennale di Venezia is officially making green announcements. The first measures include reducing and offsetting the emission of carbon dioxide through targeted actions that require the involvement and attention of all Festival participants. “We would like to thank you in advance for your collaboration in achieving this ambitious goal, which will be reached through the individual behaviour of each of us”, La Biennale di Venezia addresses the festival participants.


"La Biennale di Venezia has decided to make a tangible commitment to fight climate change in particular, promoting a more sustainable model for staging and holding its events", says Roberto Cicutto, the Festival President. "A commitment that La Biennale makes its own, to help contribute to the respect and conservation of Venice and its lagoon, a complex and highly delicate ecosystem that require special attention and care."


The commitment includes the analysis of all the events and activities according to consolidated and acknowledged principles of environmental sustainability, with the aim of enacting a sustainable approach to all our decisions, current and future. The plan of the festival include using electricity from renewable sources and other actions aimed at saving natural resources, at recycling materials, reusing the installation materials and equipment, reducing the impact of the mobility of people and things.


"This is a process that La Biennale di Venezia wishes to propose as an example of a virtuous practice to all those who are committed to spreading the culture of sustainability in our country" concludes Roberto Cicutto. "The world of art and culture today has a great opportunity– and a great responsibility – to take the lead in promoting the transition towards a model of sustainable development."


A recommendation of the festival for the audience and thousands of pass holders at the Lido is to drink running water from taps and fountains to reduce plastic waste. “Running water in Venice is of excellent quality”, state the festival committee. Information where the drinking fountains can be found is provided by the venice tap water map. “We encourage you to use a water bottle. It is a small individual choice but one that, multiplied by the tens of thousands of plastic bottles that are wasted each year during the 10-day festival, can really make a difference”, concludes the Venice Tap Water staff.


Photo: © GFS

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