Broadening the scope of green action

The implementation of global climate goals, as well as legal requirements on a European, national, and local level, are exerting pressure on the audio-visual industry to take environmentally friendly actions. In the City of Paris, the use of portable generators operating at less than10 KVA has been prohibited in September 2020. When utilizing special effects, such as artificial snow, foam, and smoke in public spaces, material safety data is now required. Further regulations are in the pipeline.


By 2024, diesel-powered automobiles will also be banned in Paris, which will affect film productions. Since 2009, Ecoprod has been promoting green film measures, and it has been working to encourage the film and TV industry to consider environmental issues. In order to guide industry professionals on the way to more sustainability, Ecoprod transformed itself into an association. Founded with the support of the CNC and the Afdas cultural fund in October 2021, long-term members, such as Audiens, the CST, Film Paris Region, Canal +, France Télévisions, and TF1, are staying on board. The mission remains the same. The aim is to raise awareness and to provide professionals with tools, training, and practical guides with tips to implement eco-responsible approaches.


Ecoprod’s operational team, presided over by Baptiste Heynemann, chief delegate of CST, the French association of film and audio-visual technicians, is being managed by Pervenche Beurier and project leader Alissa Aubenque. “The film and TV industry is in urgent need of new regulations to transform it into a more sustainable industry”, says Pervenche Beurier. “To ensure that these measures are in line with the reality on the ground, there has to be a dialogue between institutions and the industry. One of the goals of the new Ecoprod association is to welcome members from both sides to facilitate this dialogue.”


The association‘s scope of action encompasses the moving image sector, which includes
the audio-visual and film industry, video games, digital formats, and the advertising industry. "Over the last few years, TV series and feature films have largely adopted green shooting measures — it is time to generalize the approach and spread it to the entire media industry”, Alissa Aubenque points out. “Other branches, such as advertising and animation, are increasingly being inspired by this approach. Our goal is to broaden the scope and application of our tools in order to offer solutions for a wide range of audio-visual formats.”


In 2022, Ecoprod will welcome new members from the ranks of production companies, sustainable service providers, broadcasters and streaming platforms, advertising agencies, film schools, and film companies that want to contribute to the greening of the industry. Ecoprod is also working with various partners on advanced training. Besides basic green production workshops, the program will include certified continuing education programs for film professionals who want to become eco-leaders in their respective departments, as for example set design. “Ecoprod also supports the transition to green by developing tools and training programs to prepare film professionals for the coming changes”.


Photo: © Ecoprod

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