Eisvogel competition for sustainable production

Submissions for the Eisvogel – Prize for Sustainable Film Production worth 20,000 € – are being accepted until November 30, 2022, which is awarded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment and the Heinz Sielmann Foundation in cooperation with the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM). ith the


Production of all genres from all across the world, which are produced for theatrical distribution, TV or streaming release, can submit applications for the Eisvogel – Prize for Sustainable Film Production. The competition rewards productions which systematically implement environmental protection as an integral part of production planning. The jury will award a production which has significant  prevented the pollution of the environment by implementing innovative measures which can be applied to other productions.


For the first time, the Eisvogel – Prize for Sustatinable Film Productions will be awarded in an additional newcomer categorie. The green newcomer prize worth of 5,000 € is addressing student films at film schools and universities. The criteria for the green film competition are available online.


The Eisvogel – Prize for Sustainable Film Productions ceremony will take place at the Federal Ministry for the Environment at the opening day of the Berlin International Film Festival on February 16, 2023.


Photo: © Leitz


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