Stories of resilience at Deauville Green Awards

The 12h edition of the Deauville Green Awards, that brought together film and media professionals and environment experts in the French beach resort Deauville, featured films about the fight for survival. The Grand Prix-wining documentary The Territory portrays Indigenous people in Brazil who are risking their lives to defend the rainforest. The first-time feature director Alex Pritz teamed up with the Indigenous Uru-eu-wau-wau community, that have faced illegal incursions from environmentally destructive logging and mining as well as land-grabbing invasions. Produced by Darren Aronofsky’s Protozoa Pictures and the award-winning filmmaker Sigrid Dyekjaer for National Geographic, the films drops the audience into the center of this conflict. The documentary tells a story of courage and resilience. The Indigenous leaders set up their own media team and using technology to fight back.

With the ambition to bring the truth to the world, a French news reporter went together with a war photographer to the Ukraine, where they were brutally killed by Russians. In L’affaire Maks Levin, that Arnaud Froger and Robin Grassi produced for Bottoms Up and Reporters Sans Frontière, they are trying to trace back the incidents and find the ones who are responsible for these war crimes. Presented in the category social responsibility, this film received the Grand Prix Info.


The necessity to save life is the message of the Grand Prix-winning spot Campagne de prévention du suicide – La mèche that Canadian director Nicolas Monette developed for the Ministry of Health and Welfare. At the first sight a family father seems to be fine when he brings out the waste bin and greets his neighbor or when he is celebrating a birthday party with his child. But when he turns his back on he camera, an explosive fuse becomes visible. The awareness spot delivers the strong demand to talk in order to prevent suicide.


Various films that were presented at the Deauville Green Awards are presenting problems but they also provide solutions to stop deforestation, conscious consumption, sustainable travel, food packaging, and preserving biodiversity. These issues also need to be addressed by the crew behind the camera. The Deauville Green Awards also offered various presentations on green film production for filmmakers, in regards to energy consumption, renewables, and the use of resources. This included pitching sessions, a panel on sutainable communication as well as a Green Film Shooting workshop.






Photo:  © Naïade Plante/Deauville Green Awards

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