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With its stamp of approval for refurbished products, ARRI is offering resilience, and resource protection to address hardware obsolescence and shortterm product cycles. The Approved Certified Pre-Owned Program (CPO) is expanding ARRI’s portfolio in the refurbished equipment sector. Pre-owned cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and other products are being thoroughly tested by in-house service centers in Munich, Stephanskirchen, and other global subsidiary locations. A warranty for refurbished products indicates ARRI’s stamp of approval.


“With the CPO Program, we can ensure that a pre-owned camera works exactly as we – the manufacturer – originally intended it to”, says Christian Richter, who has successfully established and expanded the CPO business at ARRI over the past five years and will now focus on his role as General Manager Sales & Solutions EMEAI. "Our aim is to keep our products on the market as long as possible". The Academy Award-winning film technology company benefits from the eco-design that has traditionally been part of its philosophy.


This globally oriented program is now headed by Arne Stadler as Business Manager Certified Pre-Owned Program Camera Systems & Lighting. The film and media technology engineer has extensive sales and industry experience and started his career as a cinematographer and Steadicam operator.


ARRI products stand out thanks to their long life cycle. The ALEXA Classic, which was the first digital camera ARRI released in 2010, has clocked untold thousands of production hours, and is still in use. These cameras are popular because they are ruggedly constructed, and because they still deliver brilliant image quality. In most cases, it is worth repairing them. In general, smaller moving parts liable to wear and tear are replaced to make sure that the product will function properly far beyond its warranty period.


ARRI offers software updates for its cameras. In case of the ALEXA Classic, it is possible to retrofit ALEXA XT to an ALEXA SXT. To increase its functionality, corresponding circuit boards have to be replaced. “The hardware itself sets limits when entirely new electronics have to be installed”, explains the Global Manager of the CPO Program. In these cases, it makes more sense to trade in the old camera and invest in a new one. The pre-owned cameras have to undergo a complete technical refurbishing process in the ARRI repair labs.


“The sensor will be recalibrated to make sure that all parameters function just as an ARRI camera should.” Young filmmakers and smaller rental houses are then able to afford refurbished ARRI products that would not have been otherwise accessible. These refurbished products also address the needs of film schools, which gives students the opportunity to work with high-end products that would normally be out of their price range.


Cameras are not the only products to undergo refurbishing. The CPO-Program also includes lenses, Steadicam, electronic control systems, and lighting units. Hundreds of CPO products have been put on the market in over thirty countries, which saves resources and avoids wasting electronic hardware. The repair studios at ARRI engage the circular economy. Precious materials are being reused, up to and including metal shavings. Pre-owned analog cameras like-wise receive a warranty extension. “We want our customers to use our products as long as possible”, concludes the Global Manager of the CPO Program. “They keep coming back because they know that they get a return on investment with ARRI products.”


Photos: © ARRI

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